There are many reasons why I despise my wife



Sometimes, or at least when it feels that way, we all loathe our partner. While some bury their heads in the sand and continue living their lives as usual, some of us admit it. It’s common for people to occasionally dislike one another, but if this emotion persists and contains some serious issues, it’s best to end the relationship.

The youngsters are impacted by your battling


Fighting isn’t enjoyable, as anyone who grew up in a home where violence was common knowledge would attest. It’s time to move on and find a new happy if you despise your wife so much that you can’t even smile at each other or “make nice.” Don’t believe that staying does the kids any favors if you are doing it for them.

Even if you leave fights to avoid them, the bloodshed still happens when you aren’t present. Your wife undoubtedly suffers too if you despise her. Just depart and absolve everyone of responsibility. If your wife does not take her responsibility, you will automatically say that i think i hate my wife.

She refuses to accept responsibility


There is nothing you can do if your wife constantly makes you feel like everything is your fault and she has nothing to do with it. Two persons must cooperate to solve a problem in order to reach a compromise. It’s time to go if she believes that you are the only one with a problem, so she can observe how things function without you. Perhaps for the better or worse, but you eventually discover your brand of contentment.

She cheated on you or is currently doing so


There is excellent reason to feel contempt for your wife if she betrayed you. The foundation of love and marriage is trust. It’s challenging to accept someone into your life if you can’t trust them. You have a right to detest her if you can’t realistically forgive her and you can’t stand what she done. If she betrayed your confidence, it’s acceptable to feel that you can’t stay with her any more.

She keeps control of the situation by dressing in yoga pants around the family


You shouldn’t spend the rest of your life with someone who treats you like a slave or who generally doesn’t respect you or your feelings. Some women believe that they should be able to call their spouses at any time. It is typical for a woman to occasionally have a list of “honey to-dos” or specific things she wants. However, if you feel indentured or like a hired labor, you may have a legitimate reason to despise your wife or it may be time to call it quits.

She empty your bank accounts


You should advise her to stop using your savings account as her personal cash drawer if she does. There is nothing worse than working hard to advance your career only to discover that you never have any money. It is challenging to love someone who continues to undermine all your efforts by squandering everything you have on herself.

You can’t breathe because she is so dominating


It’s not a healthy way of life if you can’t urinate without her consent. A partnership consists solely of another partnership. The scenario is harmful if you are unable to make even half of the decisions affecting the partnership or your own life. It’s time to go on if you despise her because she owns you. When a wife dominates herself on you, you will feel that i think i hate my wife.

She minimizes you


You have a reason not to like her if she constantly complains about your failures, the foolish things you do in your own home, or how stupid you are. You deserve to be with someone who not only thinks highly of you but also tells everyone else. We all make foolish mistakes; the spouse you marry is there to accept your stupidity and hide it.