Restoring Hong Kongs oyster reefs, one abandoned oyster farm at a time

Law, Thomas and other Hong Kong researchers say it’s vital to halt and reverse that decline, because oyster reefs, which form complex 3D structures, are an important marine ecosystem. Restoring reefs along coastlines can mitigate the damage caused by development, they say, and safeguard the city’s marine riches. Housed on a quiet street in Sheung Wan, this tiny restaurant turns out some of the freshest seafood in the neighbourhood. The restaurant sources their oysters from different waters around the world, including Willapa Bay in America, and the waters of South Pacific Australia.

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Oyster Brunch at Scarlett Cafe & Wine Bar, Hong Kong

Statistics cover outbreaks related to food premises and businesses that were reported to the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department in 2021. The best dried oysters are plump ones from Japan and Korea. Continued community engagement will be key, especially as development proceeds along the coast. In Pak Nai, the project, part of a habitat management plan that includes restoring the area’s mangroves and seagrass, has the firm backing of the village chief, who is working closely with the conservationists.

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The number of foodborne outbreaks in Hong Kong declined this past year, according to recently released figures. Rocksalt serves its oysters on a bed of spiced salt to hold the oysters upright and also maintain the juices inside the shell so that guests can taste the flavours of the waters where the oysters originated from and highlight the different tastes of each region. The oysters are complemented with two very simple sauces, a light spiced vinegar and peppered brandy cocktail sauce; and can also be served in Kilpatrick style upon request. Take a short taste trip to coastal Italy in Wanchai, Osteria Marzia.

And, crucially, they act as filters to clean up the water, cutting the high levels of nitrogen that have led to toxic algae blooms in Hong Kong. Oyster & Wine Bar is a fine dining venue with as main feature it’s wide selection of oysters and stunning harbour view seating. Providing 生蠔網購 of fine wines and specials mainly offering high end seafood and meat selections. This shoebox-sized hut specialises in takeaway orders. But its location on a car-less, quiet stretch of Hung Hom also makes it an ideal spot for dining in, and manager Frankie Yu will happily set up an impromptu alfresco dining environment with a few fold-up tables and chairs.

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The species has a long cultivation history for over 700 years. Make the Sunday count and upgrade your gourmet selection of dishes served from the Kitchen menu with unlimited, freshly grilled oysters and free-flowing champagne as an option. A newcomer from esteemed chef Vicky Cheng and mixologist Antonio Lai, VEA knows a thing or two about the finer things in life.

Bacterial foodborne agents remained the leading cause and were behind two thirds of outbreaks in 2021. Vibrio parahaemolyticus overtook Salmonella as the top agent responsible for illnesses. Other causes were Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus and Clostridium perfringens.